The project is entirely dedicated to Veneto artistic practices and cultural-creative tourism


LoVe! is a constellation of experiences between cultural heritage and contemporary visual arts which outlines Veneto under a creative and original perspective.

This is an artistic and poetic itinerary which varies from the “must-sees” of Land of Venice to the visionary minds animating the contemporary scene. It is conceived with the complicity of a network of entrepreneurs in the fields of hospitality, taste and culture in order to give life to creative, synesthetic and captivating experiences with a new and sustainable look into the future.

The variety of cultural events, the liveliness of local creative scenes, the eclecticism of contemporary artists, all the different lifestyles welcome an “alternative” representation of the territory, mixing together heterogeneous destinations and imaginations, influencing and multiplying points of view, making the landscapes of nature and history interact with the creative resources of innovation, visual arts, architecture, fashion, design, craftsmanship, food and wine.

LoVe! is an experimental project, free from the logic of flows and seasonality; it is a laboratory for tourism that changes the common separation among work, leisure, business and destination marketing in order to place the travel experience simply in the state of “flow” with its cities and its territory.

Art Matters, Slowart 4All, Heritage Tours and Art Your Food are the basic guidelines of LoVe!, the compass for exploring Land of Venice and falling in love with the Veneto, experience after experience.

Art Matters

The proposal winks at the Venice Biennale, taking advantage of the international surrounding and inspiring mood. It aims to explore the best artistic events and influences of the languages of present days art from the Lagoon to the Dolomites, in order to encourage an “active” enjoyment of Veneto’s cultural heritage that is less postcard-like and very contemporary.

Art infuses everywhere and weaves complicity to outline a permanent and widespread offer of itineraries, multidisciplinary experiences, cultural spaces, art foundations, galleries, artists’ studios, collections, exhibitions and events that spring from the beating heart of the Serenissima, the city of Venice, and throughout the Veneto region.

Appointments with art, music, cinema, theatre, and literature multiply perspectives on the contemporary with a multitude of events, spaces of affinity and mutual influences among the art system, the audience, inhabitants and tourists, restoring to our present culture a central role in defining the modern imagination and lifestyles.

Itineraries, maps and publications invite to explore and guide the adventure in the kaleidoscopic flow of this safari on the trail of contemporary creativity.

Slowart 4All

The protagonist is the aesthetic and creative experience of nature in which art interacts with landscapes, environment and history. It make us enjoy extra-ordinary panoramas with an unusual gaze and a free mind.

Past and present artists, writers, poets, film directors, musicians, photographers and influencers suggest ecological escapes that go hand in hand with creativity: synaesthetic walks, sound itineraries, storytrekking, walkshops, art green tours, reconnaissance of places regenerated with art placemaking, fu-turistic flaneries. You will be able to venture with the eyes of art into new and authentic insights into the territory.

Venetian Biennali, Urbs Picta, Dolomiti Contemporanee, villages, walled cities, and the variety of landscapes frescoed by land reclamation, centuriation, fishing, vines, and centuries of interaction between man and the environment: here are some of the SlowArt destinations for wandering on foot, by bike, boat, horseback or blissfully by pram.

Heritage Tours

It is a tourism of knowledge, amazement and revelation of indigenous “know-how”: niche businesses, craft traditions, local manufactures, historic places of commerce and temples of contemporary design, enviable masterpieces, true and authentic forges of creativity that produce, together with excellence, the heritage of history and business culture. This makes of the Veneto region a unique place.

The destinations of Heritage Tours are incursions into beauty, encounters with an impressive variety of materials, techniques and skills, experiences as fascinating and imaginative as their original roots.
The uniqueness of the products is highly sought after; the sites where they were produced is an added value. The stories and feelings of those who conceive them are empathetic and compelling, so why not take the cue and the opportunity to be introduced to these Homo Faber universes directly by the protagonists?
So … open factories, local workshop sessions, heritage eductours, museums and company foundations, business archives, trade fairs, markets or concept stores, you’ll be spoilt for choice along the Riviera del Brenta, in the district of Vicenza, in Venice and, of course, throughout the Veneto “at work”!

Art your Food

The food and wine tradition is one of the cornerstones of cultural identity of Veneto. The bond with the territory and its characteristic activities is as much the nourishment of the dishes as their preparation is akin to the creative process.

Art Your Food embraces the idea that the enjoyment of local cuisine and typical products can benefit from comparison and influence with the languages of art and culture, aiming to nourish and stimulate knowledge together with sensory satisfaction. That is why the proposals of Art Your Food creatively interpret the relationship between food, territory and identity, accompanying the work of the artists in their exploration of a food and wine heritage that is also rich in its minor

Works of art and dishes, on the thread of mutual suggestions and inspirations, give life to new and original creations, perceptive paths and tastings to celebrate the creative impulse of art, cuisine and the transformation of materials according to disciplines and tested knowledge, but also on intuition and conceptual reflection.

The experience is enriched by new imagery and culinary proposals co-created with the artists and made available by the accommodation facilities. Moreover, themes such as typical Veneto products, the conservation of natural balances in the food chain or the protection of reciprocal relationships between species can be investigated through a creative and critical filter served with the dish.

Discover the Hidden Veneto together with the photographer MARINA CANEVE!

An unpublished story that invites the viewer to immerse himself between the visible and the invisible.